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Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​How do you manage to provide a quality service at a low price?

Its very simple, we have been established for over 20 years and only do distance work, this means that we have cars all over the country at airports, so if we are taking you out to Manchester Airport theres a good chance we are fetching someone back, if you are going to Leeds Bradford Airport, we may well be picking someone up from Leeds, this means we have far less dead mileage than traditional taxi companies who usually come back from the airport empty, that means savings in things like fuel and wages and we can pass those savings onto you

Do you provide child seats?
No, as we cannot be sure the seat we provide is correct for your child, but you can fetch your own and we will store it while you are away, please write your surname on it in permanent marker, please ensure it matches the name you have made the booking in

Do children have to sit in child seats?
No, taxi journeys are exempt from child seat laws, however we recommend you supply your own child seats as this is the safest way to travel, children 3 years or over must sit in an adult seatbelt, under 3 years can be unrestrained

Can you pick up at several different addresses?
Yes but at present we are unable to book this through our website, please ring our office on 01709 327479 or send us a message to arrange it.

We are travelling out to one airport but returning from another, can you do this?
Yes but at present we are unable to book this through our website, please ring our office on 01709327479 or send us a message to arrange it.

I only want taking out to/fetching back from the airport, not a return journey, do you provide this service?
Yes but at present we are unable to book this through our website, please ring our office on 01709327479

I live abroad but am coming to the UK, can you pick me up from the airport and then take me back when I go home?
Yes but at present we are unable to book this through our website, please ring our office on 01709327479 or send us a message to arrange it.

How long should I allow to get to the airport?
Our office will be happy to advise times, if you wish to work this out yourself you will have a check in time (normally 2 hours before you fly), google map the time it takes to get to the airport and add an hour to this, there can be issues involving traffic etc. Please remember to allow extra if you are travelling to Manchester or Liverpool, due to traffic issues, and on a Monday morning and Friday afternoon, when traffic issue are at their worst

Do I have to allow the amount of time you suggest to get to the airport? I think its too long.
No, you can go when you want but we won’t accept any liability for missed flights etc if you allow less than we recommend, whatever causes the delay

Is your phone on 24 Hours a day?
Yes, but between 10pm and 7am it is for emergencies only, please don’t ring for quotes etc at these times

Do you confirm bookings?
Provided you book over 7 days in advance we post you a letter of confirmation for you to check all the details if you book via telephone, if you book via the website we will e mail you a pdf of your confirmation

Can I ring the day before to confirm my booking?
Yes, this is no problem, please do so between 7am and 10pm

What vehicles do you have?
We have 8 seater minibuses and Estate Cars

What happens if you break down?
In the unlikely event of a breakdown we have cover from the RAC, however for speed and peace of mind we will usually dispatch another vehicle to complete your journey, we work with many other firms and help each other, if further afield we have a comprehensive network of subcontractors all over the country, so, for example, if you break down 2 miles away from Gatwick, we will send a vehicle from our sub contractor based in Crawley for you

I have only booked 1 pick up address but now require more, is this a problem?
No, just ring our office and they will add the additional pick up onto your booking, there is normaly an extra charge for extra pick ups

Do you offer wheelchair access vehicles?
Unfortunately we do not have wheelchair access vehicles at this moment but are happy to reccomend other companies who provide this service

When do I pay?
In full on departure

I want to pay on return, what happens if you don’t turn up?
We do not offer this option, All our drivers and vehicles are fully licensed and if we are unable to sort any issues you are entitled to take it further with the licensing body, however don’t worry – we will turn up!

Have you much experience?
Pegasus Taxis was established in 1994, our drivers have done tens of thousands of trips to airports all over the country. We specialise in airport and long distance trips

Do you cover airports other than the ones listed?
Yes, we cover all UK airports, no matter how obscure, please ring us on 01709327479 for a quote if its not listed on our website

I want to go on a trip to a coastal resort/town/city not listed, can you accommodate this?
Yes, please ring us on 01709327479

We want a minibus to a football match/horse racing event, do you do this?
No, unfortunately due to previous problems with these types of job we do not do them, sorry!

Do you do local work? I want to visit the doctors or go to the bingo?
No, sorry! Our business model doesn't allow for this

What happens if my flight is delayed?
We track all flights through your flight number so we will come for you at the time your flight actually lands

I have connecting flights, what happens if I miss a connection?
Please ring our office as soon as you know you have missed your connection so we don’t dispatch our driver, then advise us as to your new flight and we will collect you from your new flight, provided you inform us in a reasonable time there is no charge for this

I am leaving on one day but landing after midnight so that’s the following day, which date do I put?
It is vitally important you put the date YOU LAND BACK IN THIS COUNTRY, if you get this wrong we will arrive at the airport 24 hours early for you and you may be subject to additional charges

I don’t have my flight numbers yet, can I make a booking?
Yes, provided you give us your flight number before you leave

I don’t know what times I am going at, Can I make a booking?
No, we need times!

Will you take bookings with less than 7 days notice?
Yes, but you need to ring our office on 01709327479 to check availability

Do you do same day/last minute bookings?
We always try to accommodate but it depends on availability, our drivers are carefully rostered to ensure they do the correct driving hours and sleep enough hours etc, please ring us and if we can fit you in we will

How can I be sure I am booked?

We send you a letter through the post confirming all your details, provided you have booked more than 7 days before you fly